picture:  Miss Rona (boat)

picture: man holding on to debris in water

picture: dog

picture: destruction

Video Information

Kent Frelich narrates the 75-minute video Live Video From the Eye of Hurricane Katrina in order that you may obtain a full understanding of the furious nature of the storm.  However, you can still hear the fury of Hurricane Katrina.  Kent describes how a storm with such low barometric pressure (920 mb) feels on your body. 

The video begins with scenes of the wind blowing off the roof of Kent's shrimp dock.  The storm surge rushes in next, topping off at 24 feet.  During the eye, Kent and his crew rescue two men who rode out the storm on top of his ice machine.  Kent caught the unique rescue on tape.  In order to board the boat for safety, the two men must crawl over thick storm debris floating on top of 24 feet of water in the canal.  You have to see this for yourself to believe it.

Also during the eye of the storm, one of the crewmen attempts to rescue a dog that rode out the first part of the storm on top of Kent's forklift.  With the rescue unsuccessful at this point, the dog endured the second part of the storm balancing himself on top of the forklift despite the 110 mph winds.  This balancing act is truly amazing. 

The video then continues with the second part of the storm where the wind switches from east to west.  All of the boats and debris blown away from Kent's boat during the first part of the storm are now blown directly into his boat.  You can actually hear the ropes cracking. 

The video concludes with footage of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina has caused this small town.  You will not believe the destruction.  Boats are beached, overturned, sunken and even left resting on the main highway (Highway 23) and its bridge.  Most homes are destroyed, leaving only the slab in many cases.