Hurricane Katrina Storm Track
Hurricane Katrina Track

picture: Katrina's destruction
One of Kent's skiffs on top of the Mississippi River levee

picture:  Katrina's destruction
Menhaden (pogie) boats on top of the Highway 23 bridge

Hurricane Katrina Information

Hurricane Katrina – August 29, 2005.  Many will long remember this date.

Hurricane Katrina Information: 
At 6:10 a.m., Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 140 mph, a storm surge of 24 feet and barometric pressure of 920 mb.  Wind gusts were recorded in excess of 200 mph.  She weakened from a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 175 mph just prior to making landfall on the Louisiana coast.  She was an enormous storm, covering most of the Gulf of Mexico.  The calm of her 30-mile eye lasted an eerie two hours in Empire.  

Hurricane Katrina not only caused devastation on the Louisiana coast but also along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts.  Thousands of people from Louisiana to Alabama were left homeless and jobless.