Kent's home and Frelich Seafood

picture: Kent's home and Frelich Seafood before Hurricane Katrina
before Hurricane Katrina

picture:  Kent's home and Frelich Seafood 5 weeks after Hurricane Katrina
five weeks after Hurricane Katrina

picture: Kent's home and Frelich Seafood 6 weeks after Hurricane Katrina
six weeks after Hurricane Katrina

About Us - Kent Frelich

Kent Frelich is a lifelong resident of Empire, Plaquemines Parish, LA.  He is 39 years old and is a successful, well-educated and talented businessman.  Besides earning his 100-ton captain’s license, he carries an FCC technician’s license, refrigeration license and FAA pilot’s license.  He also has a degree in electronics.

Kent has worked in his family’s businesses (Frelich Marine Transportation, Inc. and Frelich Seafood, Inc.) in Empire for the past 30 years, since he was a young child.  Frelich Marine is an offshore crewboat company and Frelich Seafood is a retail seafood business.  Kent keeps his businesses successful by being self-sufficient.  He keeps business costs down by doing all of his own maintenance, mechanic, welding, refrigeration and electronic repairs.  Although Frelich Seafood was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, Kent is in the process of rebuilding it and hopes to have it reopened this summer.

Kent’s idea of catching and selling live shrimp was a great success to the seafood business.  Since he had his own skiffs, he caught and sold the live shrimp himself, usually working 16-18 hour days most of the year.  His skiffs survived the storm with minimal damage but were left resting on the river levee, as he was unable to man all of his boats during the storm.

Kent owned his own shrimp dock in Empire, which is the location of the video during the storm.  The dock was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Kent also owns two 75’ steel shrimp boats, one of which he was aboard and from which he was videoing during Hurricane Katrina.  These two boats and his crewboat escaped Hurricane Katrina with minimal damage as Kent took extreme measures to keep them safe.  His experience and meticulous planning proved to be a success.

Although Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, Kent and his wife plan to return to Empire.